Bacteria combined with Yeast – Giving you the best of both worlds – That’s Probiotic 2.0!

Probiotic 2.0 is giving you the best of two worlds

Synergy between yeast and bacteria has been demonstrated in vivo and several clinical studies have shown benefits helping rebalance endogenous microflora in gut and oral health.

Being an expert in both, Lallemand Health Solutions is able to design and produce specific probiotic formulations combining yeast, bacteria, and yeast derivatives (yeast cell wall) to address overall digestive health, from oral health to gut health, for a new, holistic approach to digestive health. The Probiotic 2.0 revolution is about to happen!

Thanks to their specific and unique mechanisms of action in the gut, probiotic bacteria and yeast are able to maintain a good intestinal balance and prevent from gastrointersinal disorders such as Gastroenteritis, travelers’ diarrhea, Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea (ADD), Clostridium difficile infections, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), idiopathic diarrhea or H. pylori infections.

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