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LHS at Mind, Mood and Microbes – the event video
On the left, LHS booth and team: Lucie Lingrand and Bruno Delattre
On the left, LHS booth and team: Lucie Lingrand and Bruno Delattre

Lallemand Health Solutions, who pioneered the first ever clinical study on the Brain-Gut axis in healthy adults with Probio’Stick®, was sponsor and exhibitor during the very first “Mind, Mood & Microbes” conference in Amsterdam, on December 1st and 2nd.

Bérengère Feuz, Lucie Lingrand (marketing team), Bruno Delattre (sales team), Stéphanie-Anne Girard, Afifa Ait-Belgnaoui (LHS R&D team) and Caroline Wallace (Queen’s University, Canada) were attending the event.

S.A. Girard presented a historical perspective of pioneering probiotic clinical application in Gut-Brain axis and A. Ait-Belgnaoui commented a poster: Bifidobacterium longum and Lactobacillus helveticus synergistically suppress stress-related visceral hypersensitivity through HPA axis modulation” (Afifa Ait-Belgnaoui, I. Payard, C. Rolland, C. Harkat, V. Theodorou, V. Braniste and T. Tompkins).

Invited to the event by LHS, Caroline Wallace also presented a poster showing “The efficacy, safety, and tolerability of probiotics on the mood and cognition of depressed patients” (Caroline Wallace1, J. Foster and R. Milev).

With a 250-person audience, the event is expected to be repeated in 2018.

Video of LHS at Mind, Mood and Microbes 2016