Mind Mood and Microbes 2019

Sponsoring a major scientific conference on the Microbiota-Brain-Gut Axis

A great program with internationally renowned speakers has been arranged by the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Mind Mood and Microbes conference. Visit their website for complete agenda and updates on the conference via their e-newsletters.

Discover the latest scientific evidence on Probio’Stick

LHS pioneered the first-ever clinical study on probiotics in the Brain-Gut Axis in healthy adults back in 2010, showing for the first time the positive effects of a probiotic formula on psychological occasional stress with Probio’Stick. This specific probiotic formula is demonstrated to promote positive mood in stressful events. It can help moderate physiological (Diop 2008) and psychological (Messaoudi 2010, 2011) responses to occasional stress. The latest clinical study on Probio’Stick (Kazemi 2018) showing an improvement in BDI score (primary outcome) compared with placebo will be presented at the MMM2019 by Dr. Kurosh Djafarian.

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