Mission, vision and values

Our probiotics enhance lives in countless ways

Our mission

Through our expertise to supply the best probiotic strains and products, together with our commitment for continuing R&D work on bacteria and yeasts and skilled customer care in educating and training our business partners, Lallemand Health Solutions’ mission is:

  • to play a leading role in the health and well being of women and men of all ages across the globe,
  • to become the world’s top reference for probiotics, yeast, and bacteria-based health solutions,
  • to look at the future of probiotics and the microbiome, to better understand their modes of action and potential benefits in emerging health areas.

Our vision

Lallemand Health Solutions continues to follow in the footsteps of its founders, with the implementation of numerous in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies to extend the limits of the health applications offered by probiotics.

Thanks to networks with key major health professionals as well as our involvement in local and global associations, we are continually committed to increasing the awareness and use of probiotics.

As a leading world-class probiotic manufacturer, Lallemand Health Solutions aims for excellence and customers’ confidence by obtaining internationally recognized accreditations and licenses.

Our values

Words of wisdom we stand by cooperation spell success. Within our teams as well as with our partners and customers, we achieve more together.

Our values shine through our R&D and innovation, our technical and manufacturing expertise, our commitment to quality, our ethics and passion to keep our probiotics enhancing lives in countless ways.