Ready-to-market documented formulas

Gut health


  • 26 clinical studies: 13 in children / 13 in adults
  • Other GI applications: 2 studies on IBS, 2 on lactose intolerance, 5 on H. pylori


  • 5 clinical studies: 1 on IBS in children and teens, 2 on infectious diarrhea in children,
    2 in NEC
  • Selected from among 40 Bifidobacteria strains for its good synergy with fibers (FOS & inulin)
  • Claims on constipation and IBS (claims in Canada)


  • 140+ clinical studies: acute diarrhea, AAD, ulcerative colitis and IBS (claim in Canada)


  • 1 clinical study on GI symptoms related to stress in active people

S. boulardii

  • A time-tested yeast culture mastered and perfected from lab to shelf
  • Highly documented probiotic yeast
  • Manufactured in rod-shaped at a pharmaceutical grade or in ground powder as food supplement ingredient
  • Available in several delivering formats including capsules, soluble sachets or orodispersible sticks, either as pure active ingredient or in combination with bacteria

Natural defenses


  • 11 clinical studies in children: 2 on enhanced immunity in healthy children, 2 on maturation
    of the immune system in children with common respiratory infections and/or wheezing,
    4 on pediatric diarrhea (infectious and non-infectious), 1 on infant thrush and 2 safety
    studies in infants
  • Self-affirmed GRAS status for infants and children
  • Approved for children from 3 months in Canada (claims in Canada)


  • 1 clinical study: helps reduce the incidence of cold-like symptoms in stressed adults (claim in Canada)

Lafti® L10

  • 3 clinical studies in active people (2 in athletes, 1 in stressed students)
  • 1 clinical study on IBS-like symptoms (claims in Canada)

Brain-gut axis


  • 2 clinical studies with the first ever showing the positive effect of a probiotic on psychological stress
  • Pioneering R&D work on the brain-gut axis, 9 in vivo mechanistic studies
  • The first and only probiotic with approved health claims in the gut-brain axis area in Canada


  • 1 clinical study showing a positive effect on self-reported stress scores

Women’s health

L. plantarum ROSELLA

  • 6 clinical studies including 2 with oral treatment on Vulvovaginal Candidiasis


  • 2 clinical studies in pregnant women


  • 3 clinical studies as an adjunctive treatment for vaginal infections (claims in Canada)


  • 2 clinical studies for GI health and mood disorders

Oral health

Oralis SB

  • One of the most documented formulas in oral health
  • 7 clinical studies: 2 on caries and 5 on gingivitis with similar or better results than standard mouthwash (claims in Canada)
  • Several dosage forms adapted to Oral health (chewable tablets, orodispersible powders, powder in sachet as ingestible mouthwash…)


Lafti® L10

  • 4 clinical studies in Active people (2 in athletes, 1 in stressed students and 1 on IBS-like symptoms)
  • Promotes GI health, immune health and general well-being in physically active adults (including sporty individuals like athletes – claims in Canada)