Probiotics are woman’s best friend



Whether we are convinced or not that «Women are from Venus and men are from Mars», we have to admit that we are different, at least on a biological level! Women have specific health and well-being issues, partly related to their genetic background and hormonal changes all along their lifecycle. These have repercussions on their immunity, mood, digestive health etc. And what have these issues in common? They can all be linked to endogenous microfloras.


Probiotics, which are defined as: live microorganism which, when administered in adequate amounts, confers a health benefit on the host” [1], are a natural and recognized way to help maintain and restore these microfloras.


Lallemand Health Solutions, an expert and pioneer in probiotics applications, has one of the largest portfolios of documented probiotic strains, whose modes of action are constantly documented thanks to solid R&D efforts in this area, from genomic identification to clinical studies. By screening this collection, scientists have selected a range of strains, mainly of the Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria species, whose properties and modes of action are particularly relevant to support different aspects of women’s health. These benefits are backed by clinical data on feminine health, as well as on digestive comfort, immunity, and stress.


As a result, we have developed a rich portfolio of probiotic strains to target feminine health and urogenital microflora balance, everyday health, and specific issues of women’s health related to various stages of their life.  We are pleased to offer this portfolio together with our long-standing probiotic formulation expertise to supplements providers willing to develop or enrich their own range of women’s specific formulas.