Experts in Formulation

The key to stable probiotic strains and formulas

Lallemand’s applied research facility based in Toulouse, France is dedicated to the optimization of probiotic formulas: stability, 3-level protection program (Bio-Support™, Probiocap®, STAR®) and dosage formats.

Experts in Probiotic Formulations

Lallemand Health Solutions offers a full line of ready-to-market probiotic formulas and helps its partners to design their own custom & complex formulations using Harmonium, Lafti® or Rosell® probiotic strains.

Besides, LHS is one of the very few probiotics manufacturers that produce S. boulardii, which can be offered on its own or custom blended within formulations from our diverse probiotic cultures collection.

We have selected for you a large range of ingredients with proven compatibility with our probiotic strains and blends, several backed by specific approved health claims, depending on local regulation,  (Selenium, Vitamin D, B Vitamins, Vitamin C…) to consolidate your formula positioning in your market. And if we do not yet have the one you want, the Lallemand applied research facility in Toulouse is there to assess feasibility before industrial scale up.

In-House Probiotic Stability

We conduct in-house stability studies to monitor our strains and their specific combinations, the performance of packaging, ingredient combination and specific temperatures: refrigerated conditions, zone II, zone IVb according to ICH guidelines.