Protective technologies

Optimal survival, optimal efficacy

The activity and efficacy of probiotics depend on their viability up to the gastrointestinal tract of the host, their primary site of action. From the manufacturer’s plant to the consumer’s gut, they have to survive many stresses. In order to ensure the optimal survival and efficacy of its probiotic strains and blends, while offering a wide range of applications, Lallemand Health Solutions has developed a three-level probiotic protection program:

First level: BIO-SUPPORT™

the alliance of optimal strain selection for a natural resistance to gastric acidity and proprietary protection matrix applied during the production of freeze-dried bacteria. This technology offers superior survival during the manufacturing process, shelf life and digestion.

Second level: PROBIOCAP®

a patented probiotic microencapsulation technology, ideal in case of drastic processing conditions (temperature, compression, acidity) and versatile formulations (on-the-go orodispersible sticks, chewable tablets).

Third level: STAR®

an award-winning enteric-coating technology for capsule formulations ensuring optimal delivery in the gut for all probiotic strains.