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Rosell® Institute for Microbiome and Probiotics by Lallemand in Partnership with Mitacs announces an $80,000 Probiotic Innovation Research Grant

Rosell® Institute for Microbiome and Probiotics by Lallemand in Partnership with Mitacs announces an $80,000 Probiotic Innovation Research Grant

Montreal, Canada — When Canada’s research community is given new opportunities to work together and think big, we believe they rise to the challenge. That’s why, the Rosell Institute for Microbiome and Probiotics by Lallemand, along with Mitacs, is proud to announce an $80,000 innovation research grant focused on probiotic applications to improve human health. This funding will create new sustainable partnerships with researchers across Canada, provide training opportunities for students, and foster breakthrough research. We believe this grant provides an insight into our commitment to support scientific research and create partnerships on different levels.

“We are incredibly proud to provide this new probiotic innovation funding. It is exciting to be able to collaborate with leading Canadian investigators to pioneer discoveries in probiotics that lead to new solutions that positively impact human health,” said Thomas Thompkins, Ph.D., Research Director of the Rosell Institute for Microbiome and Probiotics by Lallemand.

Funding will be considered for individuals and teams who work on understanding the role of probiotic intervention across different human health areas, which include innovative studies on novel indications, animal models, or bacterial isolates. Letters of intent are expected from a vast pool of Canadian academic institutions and university hospitals. Applications are being accepted from April 15, 2019 to July 1, 2019. A multidisciplinary peer review committee consisting of scientific experts with broad expertise in the field of microbiome and probiotics will review the applications. The selection criteria are based on innovation, originality, feasibility, and the potential impact of the proposed research for improving health in Canada and globally.

A selected applicant will be invited to submit a Mitacs application package for their peer review process. The grant recipient will be announced by November 15, 2019. For more information on this grant and to submit a project, please visit the Rosell Institute Innovation Program.


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Lallemand Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company specialising i­­­n the development, production, and marketing of yeast and bacteria and other ingredients linked to these microorganisms or their markets.

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Founded in 1934, Lallemand Health Solutions is a vertically integrated probiotic manufacturer specializing in the research, development, and manufacturing of ready-to-market and custom probiotic formulations. Our products target specific populations and health segments that include gut health, natural defenses, women’s health, brain-gut axis, oral health, and sport. Products include a range of 500+ ready-to-market Expert’Biotics™ that use our proprietary Lacidofil®, ProbioKid®, Probio’Stick®, and IBacilluS+  formulas and customizable Smart’Biotics™ and Unique’Biotics™ which are created using our Harmonium, Lafti® or Rosell® strains and different ingredients. We have two research and development laboratories; an Applied Research facility located in Toulouse, France, and the Rosell® Institute for Microbiome and Probiotics by Lallemand in Montreal, Canada. Our dedicated probiotic production plants are certified to the highest quality standards: cGMP, Pharma GMP, Health Canada (NNHPD), USP Quality Systems GMP audited (Canada), ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 (France).  Lallemand Health Solutions products are available in 60+ countries across five continents and is ready to service your probiotic needs.

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We create solutions that improve people’s lives by pioneering unique microbiota approaches to help people achieve health. Our research is focused on harnessing the human microbiome to achieve the capability of remapping the microbiota composition using probiotic supplements as a means to improve or maintain health in specific populations or health segments. Our research team has published more than 330 in vitroin vivo and clinical research studies working with industry leaders, key opinion leaders, and scientific experts.

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Mitacs is a not-for-profit organization that fosters growth and innovation in Canada by solving business challenges with research solutions from the best academic institutions at home and around the world. Working with 60+ universities, hundreds of companies, and both federal and provincial governments, Mitacs builds partnerships that support industrial and social innovation in Canada.

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