LAFTI L10 Probiotic Strain

A cutting-edge probiotic strain

  • Complete sequenced and annotated genome
  • Thorough characterization and safety profile
  • Resistance to gastric acidity and bile
  • Survival in human fecal samples after transit
  • Strong adhesion to intestinal epithelial
  • Support of natural barrier function

L. helveticus LAFTI L10 is a high-quality probiotic strain that can be easily formulated with other ingredients or strains.

A 3-Level clinical research program in active people

For athletes

Clancy et al 2006 is the first ever clinical study on probiotics for athletes. Lafti L10 helped overtrained athletes to recover an effective immune system similar to healthy athletes by increasing IFN-γ levels, a biomarker for natural defenses (p=0.01).

In 2017, LAFTI L10 significantly shortened the duration of URTI-like episodes in elite athletes by 3.4 days (p=0.047) which has been correlated with a significant increase in natural defenses biomarker in blood: CD4/CD8 ratio.

For students

Lafti® L10 significantly reduced the occurrence of symptoms generally associated with cold-like episodes in healthy students (p<0.05).

These findings are supported by several animal mechanistic studies.

Reduction of occasional gut disturbances

Lafti® L10 signifcantly reduces overall occasional gastro-intestinal disturbances (p<0.05) in healthy adults [Welin 2005].

Candida albicans

For other use than DFS depending on local regulation

The majority of C. albicans infections are mucosal, manifesting as vaginal or oral candidiasis, which together account for an estimated 40 million infections per year [Naglick 2014].

LAFTI L10 prevents C. albicans colonization [Elahi 2005] and support systemic immune defenses.

New results on antioxidant status

A recent post-hoc analysis has been published [Michalickova 2018]. This new statistical analysis focused on 22 male participants and looked at both pro-oxidative parameters and anti-oxidative parameters to assess the general oxidative stress. These new results suggest an antioxidant potential of L. helveticus LAFTI® L10 (p<0.05).

Interesting preliminary results on HDL and LDL-cholesterol 

Total cholesterol levels, HDL-cholesterol levels, and LDL-cholesterol have been monitored in serum samples. Total cholesterol is significantly lower in LAFTI® L10 group compared to placebo at the end of the study (p<0.05). LAFTI® L10 significantly decreases LDL cholesterol and significantly increases HDL cholesterol compared to baseline (p<0.05). No significant results (final-baseline) observed in the placebo group.