Our expertise shine through our services

As a complete probiotic solution provider, we deliver probiotics of unparalleled quality.

At Lallemand Health Solutions, delivering the best probiotic strains and products is just the start; we make sure each client gets our utmost attention and each project benefits from a customized service plan. On-going support from our committed team is embedded in our values.

Our expertise

With more than 80 years of probiotic knowledge and expertise behind us, the team at Lallemand Health Solutions can be considered as one of the early pioneers in the world of live micro-organisms.

We have built a long-standing network of customers which span the globe and our team of committed experts in various functions and geographical positions, spare no details in supporting our clients formulate and commercialize the best quality probiotic products available.

Lallemand Health Solutions team is diverse, knowledgeable and agile, with a solid leadership universally recognized in the world of probiotics.

Ensuring our mission is driven forward, we empower our workforce to create solutions that are sensible, efficient and ultimately outmost beneficial to our customers.

Regulatory support 

Our team of regulatory experts maintains a regular dialogue with authorities worldwide (e.g. Health Canada, US FDA, EFSA, TGA, ANVISA) for:

  • Consultation as industry experts for the development of policies pertaining to probiotics
  • Successful registration/authorization of LHS probiotics
  • Advocacy and regulatory intelligence in collaboration with trade associations and working groups

Our team also provide our customers a unique support with dedicated advises and strategies.

Technical and marketing support

We are fully committed to a strong partnership from conception to commercialization. We propose customizable marketing tools to help promote your products: For health professional training or point of sale presentations, for consumers and for conferences. We respond to your technical inquiries. We share our scientific knowledge and manufacturing expertise on strains, safety, and efficacy. We provide advice and guidance on probiotic handling. We focus on the constant optimization of the probiotic (bacteria & yeast) production processes, strains stability, microencapsulation, galenic forms,  packaging… We are available to support our business scientific conferences: CME’s, universities, tradeshows, product launches, probiotic education programs …

Assuring our partner of successful product launch thanks to our effective tools, our extensive knowledge and committed support and committed support, always!

Customer satisfaction

Delivering peace of mind and assurance to our clients that choosing Lallemand Health Solutions as their probiotic supplier is a priority we take seriously. From our first steps together to final product shipment, we understand that each and every customer’s requirements differ.

The Lallemand Health Solutions team’s attention to detail is barred none the best in the industry because customer specific probiotic blends, ready-to-market formulas, and probiotic culture manufacturing have been our core competency since day one. Our professionals in sales and customer care will ensure that all your questions are answered, and needs met with the highest of standards, quality, and efficiency as possible.

We are a customer driven organization that is oriented for quick knowledgeable responses to your probiotic needs. You can rely on our know-how, understanding, experience, and passion for producing the best quality probiotic cultures and formulas, in a reliable manner with quick turnaround times and the utmost respect for customer confidentiality. The assurance for the sustainable growth of our business partners is a mutual promise we take to heart.