Vitafoods Geneva 2015

logo_vfe15_nodates We are happy to invite our visitors in our stand number J80 during this global nutraceutical event in Geneva from 05 to 07 May, 2015.

During this event, the leading developer and provider of tailored probiotics solutions will introduce its extended range of probiotic strains to address targeted segments of the immunity market: children, adults, and seniors. This will be the occasion to present our latest clinical and in vitro results on the impact of selected probiotics on the immune response. Our Women’s Health offer will also be highlighted through an oral presentation. Finally, we will introduce you to our full line of ready-to-market probiotic formula and strains for custom formulations in other areas such as gut health, emotional equilibrium or oral health.


Probiotics for immune health…

Today, the interactions between probiotics and immunity are increasingly well understood. Thanks to a strong R&D program dedicated to immunity, encompassing innovative in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies, scientists at Lallemand Health Solutions are now able to draw a better picture of the pathways involved and the clear benefits of selected probiotic strains and strains combinations. On this basis, we have been able to design a portfolio of probiotic strains and strains combinations to address various issues of immune health for different target population groups:  prevention of infections or atopic disorders in children, prevention of chronic or acute infections in at-risk adults (under chronic stress, athletes), immune modulation in seniors susceptible to lower immune response or chronic inflammation (“inflammaging”). These strains can be formulated into specific solutions, associated to certain vitamins or minerals for example, in formats adapted to each target population: capsules, convenient orodispersible sticks, sachets to dissolve in drinks or food etc.


… and more

Lallemand Health Solutions’ innovative probiotics solutions for women’s health will feature in the Finished Products Europe program. On May 7th, 2015, during Women’s Health day, Morgane Maillard will give a presentation at 11:15 AM in the Finished Products Theatre, titled: Probiotics are a woman’s best friends!

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