Let us guide you towards your unique probiotic formula

Thanks to Lallemand Health Solutions’ expertise on its 40+ scientifically substantiated Rosell®, Lafti® or Harmonium Probiotic proprietary strains, we can help health products formulators and manufacturers to formulate Custom & Complex formulations using a selection of specific probiotic strains, the appropriate concentration of live microorganisms, and the use of proper excipients.

We offer:

  • the best choice of strains and ingredients
  • the compatibility of our strains with other ingredients
  • the concentration of our strains and their stability
  • the best storage conditions
  • the recommended packaging: ACLAR / Alu-Alu blisters, HDPE / CSP bottles, Sachets / Sticks, Enteric-coated / Acid-resistant / Sprinkle / Veggie caps

Contact us to further explore our strains offer and funnel down for you the best probiotic formulation to meet your needs.