Leading Probiotics Forward 

Who we are

With company roots dating back to the end of the nineteenth century, Lallemand Health Solutions, one of Lallemand's business units, specializes in the development, production and marketing of bacteria- and yeast-based probiotic supplements for human health, food applications, nutricosmetics and contract development and manufacturing (CDMO).

With its manufacturing facilities adhering to the highest quality standards, including Good Manufacturing Practices, and its ambitious research program with the Rosell Institute for Microbiome and Probiotics, Lallemand Health Solutions provides its partners with probiotic strains that are documented for various health applications including gut health, natural defenses, mental health, women’s health, skin health, oral health, metabolic health, and sport and babies applications. More than 600 probiotic formulas are currently marketed in more than 60 countries on five continents.

If our products are so successful, we owe it to our loyal partners, clients, and teams of passionate professionals, from research to production, compliance to marketing and customer service. We firmly believe that innovative health solutions can be identified and strategically implemented through creative thinking and collaborative work. Cooperation spells success.”


Our Mission

We supply the best probiotic supplements based on 90 years of collective know-how, customer care, and educational programs. We explore the future of probiotics and microbiome research, understanding their mode of action and potential benefits in emerging health areas. We build relationships with key health stakeholders and join local and global associations, to increase the awareness and use of probiotics. As a world-class probiotic manufacturer, we obtain internationally recognized accreditations and licenses, aiming to achieve excellence and customer satisfaction. We foster an open culture of entrepreneurial spirit and seek better ways to improve quality, productivity, and innovation.

Our Vision

To play a leading role in the health and well-being of women and men of all ages across the globe and supply the world with the best probiotic bacteria and yeast-based formulas. Following in the footsteps of our founders, we conduct clinical and preclinical studies to extend the potential of probiotics for various health applications.

Our Values

We believe that cooperation spells success. With our teams, partners, and customers, we achieve more together. Our values are reflected in our research and development, our innovation, our technical and manufacturing expertise, our commitment to quality, ethical and passionate approach.


Probiotic facilities​

Bacteria plant
4 Chem. du Bord de l'Eau,
15130 Saint-Simon, France

Bacteria plant
Harmonium 1 and 2
12035 Rue Arthur Sicard,
Mirabel, QC J7J 0E9, Canada

Yeast plant
Lallemand GmbH
Ottakringerstrasse 89
Einfahrt Festgasse
A-1160, Vienna

Blending and packaging plant 
650 Bd Père-Lelièvre bureau 170,
Québec, QC G1M 3T2, Canada

Scientific research centres​

Applied research facility
19 rue des Briquetiers, BP59,
31702 Blagnac Cedex, France

pre-clinical and clinical research centre
6100 Royalmount
Montreal, QC H4P 2R2, Canada


Commercial offices​

Business Unit Headquarter
& Branch Office Americas
Lallemand Health Solutions Inc.
17975, rue des Gouverneurs
Mirabel (Quebec) Canada J7J 2K7

Marketing and Administration
& Branch Office Southern Europe
Lallemand SAS
19 rue des Briquetiers, BP59,
31702 Blagnac Cedex, France

Branch Office Greater China
Lallemand Health Solutions
Room 303, 3F, Sino-Ocean Tower B, No.179
Daguan Road,
Hangzhou 310005, Zhejiang, China

Branch Office Northern Europe
Lallemand Denmark A/S
Mølledamsvej 10
3460 Birkerød,

Branch Office Northern,
Central and Eastern Europe
Lallemand Health Solutions
Smetanova 13,
737 01 Český Těšín, Czech Republic

Branch Office South-East Asia
Lallemand Health Solutions
South Korea, Malaysi

The History of Lallemand

The turn of the 21st century witnessed a steady increase in Lallemand’s global reach, with the company constantly setting its sight on new markets, solidifying its presence in the plant care, human and animal nutrition and health and bioethanol sectors. Lallemand was born as a family-owned company and has proudly stayed as such. In 1952, Roland Chagnon acquired the Lallemand business with the support of his brother Marcel Chagnon, establishing a change in its ownership that still stands today. His son, Jean Chagnon, took office in 1981, and developed a medium-sized business into one of the leaders in the international yeast and bacteria markets. Since 2015, the company is led by the third generation of the Chagnon family, with Antoine Chagnon at the helm, and his brother Frédéric Chagnon, who heads the fast-growing Plant Care business unit. 

Today, Lallemand is a global leader in developing, producing, and marketing yeast, bacteria, fungi, and their derivatives. The company has a proprietary bank of microorganisms that includes thousands of strains of microorganisms. With the goal of managing and optimizing natural fermentation processes, Lallemand offers to its customers the precise microorganism or derivative that fits their unique needs, but also the support, knowledge, and expertise that come with more than 160 years of continuous manufacturing, research, and development in this field. 

The company is organized into technically driven business units, focusing on various applications, under the direction of Bill Nankervis, the Chief Operating Officer.  

The History of Lallemand Health Solutions

Lallemand Health Solutions is a leading probiotic manufacturer with over 90 years of expertise in developing, producing, and marketing probiotics. The company has a rich history of innovation and excellence, starting from 1934, when Dr. José-Maria Rosell, an eminent physician and bacteriologist founded the Rosell institute in Montreal, Canada. The institute was later further developed by Prof. Édouard Brochu and became internationally recognized for its probiotic strains.

In 1988, Lallemand acquired a bacterial Pharma GMP production plant in Saint-Simon, France, which was authorized to produce human medicinal products.

Ten years later, in 1998, Lallemand also acquired the Rosell institute, and consolidated its research and development capabilities. The same year, Mr. Marcel Dubois and Dr. Francine Mondou founded Harmonium, a bacterial production plant in Mirabel, Canada.

It was only in 2011 that Lallemand acquired Harmonium, along with another bacterial production plant, now known as Perfeclab, in Quebec, Canada.

In 2012, Lallemand created a new business unit, Lallemand Health Solutions, dedicated to the development and production of probiotic supplements for human health. Lallemand had reinforced its strengths by bringing together the Rosell Institute for its strains and research and development expertise, and Harmonium, recognized internationally for its unmatched production agility to deliver complex probiotic formulas.

In 2021, in addition to all production licenses and certifications acquired to that date, the Saint-Simon plant extended its pharma manufacturer’s authorization to human investigational medicinal products.

In 2022, Lallemand Health Solutions inaugurated Harmonium 2, its new cutting-edge 11,000 square meter plant, designed and built from internal collective know-how on operational excellence and expertise in good manufacturing practices.

In 2023, Lallemand Health Solutions leveraged all assets of a vertically integrated trustworthy company to launch Expert’Biome™ CDMO by Lallemand, with the aim to create the next generation of probiotics and live biotherapeutics.

The same year Lallemand Health Solutions acquires Dietary Pros Inc., US-based contract manufacturer, from its founder and CEO Dennis Drager. Dietary Pros, is a company with a well-established position as a full-service contract manufacturer, specializing in the formulation and supply of probiotic solutions to its customers in the supplement and nutraceutical sectors.

Lallemand’s business units today include: