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Probiotics for The Best of Starts

Probiotics can help maintain a well-balanced and a smooth and timely evolution of baby-specific microflora, in early life, ensuring a healthy gut function and integrity and a proper immune and non-allergen development. Lallemand Health Solutions has a large portfolio of Expert’Biotic solutions, with clinical evidence to prove their safety and efficacy, and backed by health claims, including children superhero Probiokid® formula with 28 studies performed in infants and young children to support gut and immune health. As convenience is key for infant probiotics, they come in adapted dosage forms such as powder and drops. Some strains are also dedicated to the infant formula market. The strains can easily be combined with other health ingredients for babies like vitamin D, HMO, FOS or inulin to create positive interactions.

Efficacy of a multi-strain probiotic formulation in pediatric populations: A comprehensive review of clinical studies

Lallemand Health Solutions’ Probiokid®, the world’s best-selling pediatric probiotic formulation, makes the scientific news with its most recent review: “Efficacy of a multi-strain probiotic formulation in pediatric populations: A comprehensive review of clinical studies” published in Nutrients.

China health authorities acknowledge L. helveticus Rosell®-52, B. infantis Rosell®-33 and B. bifidum Rosell®-71 for safe use in infant formula

Lallemand Health Solutions’ three probiotic strains L. helveticus Rosell®-52 (R0052), B. infantis Rosell®-33 (R0033) and B. bifidum Rosell®-71 (R0071), have now completed the approval process by the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China for use in infant food.

B. lactis LAFTI® B94 is now GRAS

One of Lallemand Health Solution’s documented strains, B. lactis Lafti® B94 has recently received a No Questions Letter (NQL) regarding the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) notification from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), meaning it is recognized to be safe to be used in infants, as an ingredient in powdered milk-based infant formula.

Everything you need to know in our dedicated white paper

In this white paper discover probiotic solutions to support a good and timely evolution of baby’s specific microflora during their first months of life and discover a range of probiotic strains dedicated to the infant formula market.

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The addition of specific probiotics in babies’ diet will help maintain a well-balanced baby-specific microflora and a high proportion of Bifidobacteria, much needed during the first year of life. Read this article on this topic: Should you give probiotics to your newborn?

Probiotics have been proven to:

  • Support gut health: baby-specific microflora, healthy growth, occasional diarrhea and occasional constipation.
  • Support natural defenses: healthy immune development.
For other use than food/dietary supplements
  • Additional health applications on atopic dermatitis, infant thrush, necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), jaundice, iron deficiency anemia