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Psychobiotics: For a Balanced Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis

Probiotics have spurred many hopes and promises for mental wellness because of their interactions with the microbiome-gut-brain axis. The communication between the brain and the gut is bi-directional and intensifies in times of stressful situations. Psychological stress can impact gastroenteric well-being and vice versa. Research is continuously progressing on the brain-gut axis. Discover the impacts of psychobiotics by Lallemand Health Solutions, a pioneer in this field since 1929, with Cerebiome®, the most documented psychobiotic in the world.



Cerebiome® Receives Frost & Sullivan 2021 Best Practices Award

Frost & Sullivan has identified Cerebiome® by Lallemand Health Solutions as the world’s most proven psychobiotic, a major differentiator compared to competitors in the probiotics for mental health space. Lallemand Health Solutions has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 Product Leadership Award in the European psychobiotics industry, recognizing Cerebiome®’s ability to deliver the best quality, reliability, overall performance, and strong market positioning.

New results showing Lacidofil® protects from early-life stress consequences

Infantile stress predisposes individuals to higher anxiety in adulthood. In a new in vivo study, early intake of Lacidofil® from Lallemand Health Solutions prevented early-life stress consequences in rodents. This is the seventh study documenting various positive effects of this specific probiotic formula in early-life stress.

Cerebiome® capacity to increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels translates from preclinical to clinical study

A new post-hoc analysis confirmed in humans that Cerebiome® can increase significantly brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) serum levels as observed several years ago in preclinical models. These new results bring more understanding about the potential modes of action of Cerebiome® on the gut-brain axis, especially on depressive population.

The first psychobiotic in Brazil
Apsen, located in São Paulo, Brazil, in partnership with Lallemand Health Solutions, have launched in September 2020 the first probiotic formulation for the brain-gut axis on the Brazilian market, with approved health claims by the Brazilian Health Authorities, ANVISA.

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In these articles you will learn more about how probiotics can help support mental health through the brain-gut axis

From pioneering studies in 2010, to advanced significant results on mental well-being, the research is building up to offer specific psychobiotics, such as Cerebiome®, the most documented formulation, with over five clinical, ten preclinical studies and eight elucidated modes of action on the brain-gut axis. Cerebiome® promotes a healthy mood in times of occasional stress and help reduce stress-related gut discomfort, backed by Canadian and Brazilian health claims.

As pioneer and expert in research on the brain-gut axis, Lallemand Health Solutions invites you to visit this informative hub to find out more about Cerebiome® the most documented psychobiotic.