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Probiotics To Protect Your Precious Smile

Just like the gut, the oral cavity harbors a rich and complex microflora unique to everyone: a balanced oral microflora is key to maintain good oral health. There is a rising demand from consumers for natural and efficient personal care products, and this trend applies to oral health as well: 36% of US adults already prefer to purchase natural oral care products. Probiotics appear as a relevant solution to address oral health conditions, also answering the needs of nowadays consumers looking for “chemical-free” products and natural solutions for their health. Based on its 85+ years of expertise in probiotics selection and development, Lallemand Health Solutions has a portfolio of solutions to address the oral health market.

ORALIS SB Has Been Proven Effective in Decreasing Plaque Score and Gingival Index, with Significantly Better Results than Chlorhexidine

In Lallemand Health Solutions recent clinical trial conducted on oral health [Sharma, 2019], the effect of ORALIS SB compared to placebo or chlorhexidine mouthwash was studied in 60 healthy children. After three days of intake, a significant decrease of plaque score and gingival index was seen compared to placebo, and after 14 days of intake, these results persisted (p<0.05). Moreovere, after 14 days, plaque score and gingival index were significantly better for ORALIS SB compared to chlorhexidine mouthwash (p<0.05). These results allowed to consolidate the already strong clinical background of ORALIS SB on the maintenance of oral health. ORALIS SB is a unique combination of four probiotic strains and is supported by nine clinical studies on teeth health, gum health and mouth health, along with in vitro documentation allowing to understand its modes of action.

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Since the most common oral conditions are linked to opportunistic bacteria, probiotics are now well documented for their beneficial effects in supporting good oral health, while answering consumer’s need for efficient, yet natural solutions. Learn more about ORALIS SB, and discover a wide range of probiotic strains selected for their specific effects on oral health to create your unique probiotic solution.

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Probiotics restore the balance of good bacteria in the mouth and support oral health by supporting a healthy microflora balance and by supporting a healthy immune state and immune response during occasional bacterial imbalances.

Probiotics are a safe and natural solutions to take care for the health of the whole mouth. Learn more on oral health and probiotics in our blog articles: