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Lallemand Health Solutions Gains New Canadian Claims for Oralis SB: A Natural Alternative to Conventional Mouthwashes

Lallemand Health Solutions Gains New Canadian Claims for Oralis SB:  A Natural Alternative to Conventional Mouthwashes

Lallemand Health Solutions has gained new Canadian claims for its probiotic formula Oralis SB, one of the most documented probiotics for oral health.

These are additions to the previously approved claims by the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD), the regulatory agency for natural health products in Canada, for ORALIS SB. These new claims confirm that Oralis SB formula:

  • Supports/Improves oral health.
  • Supports a healthy oral microbiota/microbiome balance.
  • Promotes gum health.
  • Reduces dental plaque. Helps reduce/slow plaque build-up.
  • Helps support healthy Candida levels in oral microbiome.

“Also, Health Canada did not object to label Oralis SB as a natural alternative to conventional mouthwashes to control plaque build-up” tells Solange Henoud, VP Regulatory and Compliance, then she adds: “These new claims are the outcome of the significant and consistent results of our 9 studies on Oralis SB, and being able to present the probiotic as a natural alternative to conventional mouthwashes is a true added value for consumers”.

ORALIS SB is a unique combination of four probiotic strains: L. helveticus Rosell®-52, L. rhamnosus Rosell®-11 and B. longum Rosell®-175 and the probiotic yeast S. boulardii CNCM I-1079 and is supported by nine clinical studies on tooth health, gum health and mouth health, along with in vitro documentation on modes of action. This probiotic combination is one of the most documented probiotic formulas for the maintenance of oral health and was studied in over 600 participants.

Lallemand Health Solutions invites you to come see its full science-based probiotics for oral health offers at the upcoming SupplySide West tradeshow in Las Vegas, USA, from October 23-27, 2023. You will discover the wide range of galenic forms especially convenient for oral health applications, including the new lozenges.

About Lallemand Health Solutions

Lallemand Health Solutions is a pioneering company recognized as a vertically integrated lab to shelf global leader in the development, production and marketing of probiotic bacteria and yeast for human health supplements, food applications, and nutricosmetics. Lallemand Health Solutions documented probiotics deliver gut, immune, mental, women, skin, oral, and metabolic health benefits. With its manufacturing processes adhering to the highest quality standards, including Good Manufacturing Practices, and its ambitious research program, Lallemand Health Solutions provides its partners with probiotic strains that enhance life in countless ways. Over 600 probiotic formulas are currently marketed in over 60 countries across five continents.

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