Postbiotics by Lallemand

Heat-inactivated strains to support natural defenses

Postbiotics are generated by heat inactivation of probiotics. Lallemand Health Solutions’ gentle process maintains bacteria cells integrity, which translates into enhanced technical capabilities and potential health effects. Expert in probiotic manufacturing, Lallemand Health Solutions offers a selection of heat-inactivated strains.

Value-added ingredients 

  • Safe bacteria  
  • No refrigeration needed  
  • Highly stable  
  • Compatible with many ingredients 

Health effects persisting after heat-inactivation

  • Heat-inactivated bacteria have shown significant effects on gastro-intestinal and immune system [Piqué, 2019].

Adhesion to human cells capacities

Postbiotics adhesion capacities have been screened in vitro on human cell lines [Internal report].

Barrier effect

Lallemand Health Solutions’s postbiotics have been studied for their benefits on the gut barrier and immunomodulation. These effects are strain-specific and probably involve different mechanisms of action. In a healthy state, the inclusion of postbiotics have a positive effect on helping sustain the barrier function. [Ref study].

Immunomodulatory properties

Postbiotics immune modulating properties have been tested in an in vitro proinflammatory challenge on vaginal and intestinal human epithelial cells, showing all tested strains significantly attenuated the pro-inflammatory response to the three challenges, both on vaginal and intestinal cells (p<0.01) [Internal report].