Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility   

Taking Responsible Steps for a Healthier Future  

At Lallemand, we believe that microbial solutions can contribute to addressing some of the main societal and environmental challenges of today, and we are convinced that our core focus on microorganisms will become even more relevant in the future. However, we are conscious that the process of growing selected microorganisms also has its impact on the environment and society, and that we need to be careful about this. Every year, Lallemand invests in projects to reduce its environmental footprint and increase its production processes’ efficiency.

At Lallemand Health Solutions our aim is to contribute to the health and well-being of the global population by providing quality-based and scientifically proven probiotic solutions. One of our goals is to make a positive impact through microorganisms and we believe we can achieve this goal through ensuring in parallel:

  • A responsible production at our several manufacturing sites.
  • A supportive and safe working environment for our employees.
  • A collaborative and innovative research platform, providing high-quality and conscious solutions to consumers, from the ingredients up to the finished products.