Pioneer in the probiotics industry

Lallemand Health Solutions owns Harmonium 1 and 2, located 30- minute drive north of Montreal, in Mirabel, Canada.

Massive investments were allocated at the turn of 2020 to extend the probiotic production capacity with the construction of a new 11,000 m² plant, using state-of-the-art equipment and production newest technologies. Harmonium 2 complies with the highest quality standards and good manufacturing practices to produce probiotic dietary supplements.

We are very proud to have built this new ultra-modern probiotic bacteria production plant from scratch, leveraging decades of internal know-how. We have implemented the latest state-of-the-art technologies for fermentation, freeze-drying and packaging of probiotics. As a global industry leader, we are striving to support the growth of our partners and renown as one-stop-shop provider, from probiotic blend to finished good formats, for various health markets.”

Key milestones

  • Harmonium International was founded in 1998 by M. Marcel Dubois et Dr Francine Mondou
  • In 2011, Lallemand acquires Harmonium
  • In 2020, Lallemand Health Solutions builds Harmonium 2, from the ground up

Key facts

  • 365+ millions of capsules per year
  • 260+ employees
  • 11,000 square meters plant
  • Embracing Industry 4.0 digital transformation
The recent implementation of a new digital solution in our three Canadian plants fosters a culture of operational excellence and continuous improvement. Our employees have adapted to this modern tool with enthusiasm, appreciating the increased interactions the system allows them with their colleagues”


Lallemand Health Solutions inaugurated its ultra-modern probiotic bacteria production plant, Harmonium II, with elected officials from the Mirabel region, Ms. Sylvie D’Amours, as well as Mr. Mario Cadieux representing Mr. MP Jean-Denis Garon, Mrs. Marie-Ève ​​Labranche, Director, Public and Governmental Affairs, Manufacturers and Exporters of Quebec, the local media, the Chagnon family, owner of the Lallemand group, its administrators as well as many local employees and from all over the world. Read more

Harmonium 2 probiotic bacteria plant inauguration day

On Thursday, June 16, 2022, we officially inaugurated our ultra-modern probiotic bacteria production plant, Harmonium II, in Mirabel. Here is a sneak peak of the event.

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