Our probiotic solutions

An unmatched probiotic offer leveraging 80 years of research

We currently manufacture more than 500 unique formulas each year, marketed in more than 60 countries, covering many health segments including Gut Health, Immunity and Natural Defenses, Women’s Health, Stress and the Brain-Gut Axis, Oral Health and Sport.

Different needs for different customers


Our EXPERT’Biotic range is ready-to-market documented formulas supported by:

  • LHS integrated R&D platform from in vitro and in vivo models into clinical studies
  • Regulatory Affairs: complete registration dossier and claims available
  • Marketing: product training and communication tools

All products exist in several dosage forms with stability data and can be used as ingredients. 

SMART’ Biotic

SMART’Biotic best-in-class formulas target specific health segments and populations as they have been selected for their scientific rationale (strains mode of action) and/or their key features (dosage form, stability, concentration, strain selection, cost-effectiveness etc.). Consolidated information is readily available for a quick and successful launch.

UNIQUE’ Biotic

In order to better support the marketing efforts of its business partners, Lallemand Health Solutions has always focused on the development of specific customized formulations. While we do understand the need to be creative in the development of new and original probiotic blends for our customers, potency and efficacy have always remained the key factors to be considered in the context of new product development.