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Probiotics to Stay Ahead of The Game

The use of probiotics in sports has been growing in the past years. Market trend analysts’ report that, not only trained athletes, but a growing number of active people include sports nutrition and dietary food supplements to their diet. A third of sport nutrition’s users look for probiotics on the label. Discover Lallemand Health Solutions’ offer for sports nutrition, including the pioneering and highly documented strain L. helveticus Lafti L10.

Lafti® L10 gains innovative Canadian health claims as an antioxidant probiotic

Lallemand Health Solutions has gained new indications for its documented Expert’Biotic™ L. helveticus Lafti® L10 from Health Canada recognizing its antioxidant properties, with a specific focus for athletes’ health.

Probiotic supplements have been recommended by the International Society for Sport Nutrition (ISSN) for their demonstrated modes of action on athletes to optimize their wellbeing [Jäger 2019]. Furthermore, probiotics are not part of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list. In a recent published positive position paper, ISSN acknowledge the potential effects of probiotics to:

  • boost natural defenses
  • maintain gut barrier integrity
  • improve antioxidant capacity
  • decrease occasional stress through the brain-gut axis

These four aspects have been covered in a series of articles, where the main scientific evidence proving probiotics have their part to play in sports nutrition have been revisited.

  1. How probiotics boost natural defenses in elite athletes?
  2. How can probiotics support gastrointestinal functions in elite athletes?
  3. Are probiotics a good source of antioxidant for elite athletes?
  4. How can probiotics decrease occasional stress of athletes through the brain-gut axis?