Our research

Our values shine through our research

Supported by more than 80 years of expertise in the probiotics field, Lallemand Health Solutions (LHS) has always considered Research & Development as a fundamental value from the very beginning.

An integrated research platform

From in vivo and in vitro models to clinical studies

Our research at a glance

More than 260 papers published!

  • 100+ in vitro
  • 60+ in vivo
  • 50+ clinical trials

Our areas of expertise


Probiotic bacteria & yeast production know-how

Clinical studies & safety

Genome sequencing (comparative & functional genomics)

Quantification of probiotics in complex matrices (qPCR)


Microbiota analysis


Animal screening model (Caenorhabditis elegans)


Host-microbe interactions

Quantification of probiotics in finished products (flow cytometry)