30+ best-in-class formulas

Best-in-class formulas targeted to specific health segments and populations, selected for their scientific rationale (strains mode of action) and/or their key features (dosage form, stability, concentration, strain selection, cost-effectiveness etc.).

Here are only a few examples. Contact us to know more.

Gut health

Kid gut health capsule

A combination of 2 highly documented strains in kids, also available in Sprinkle caps

Active kid gut health tablet

3 Rosell® flagship strains with Probiocap® technology in a yummy room stable chewable tablet

Active adult gut defense 2.0 capsule

High potency Probiotic 2.0 formula (250mg of S. boulardii)

Natural defenses

Kid natural defenses extra synbio sachet

3 selected probiotic strains + GOS + FOS + calcium + Vitamin D for gut health and immunity claims (in certain countries)

Kid natural defenses extra strength capsule

9-strain complete formula with inulin (Selenium option for adults)

Women’s health

Women daily cranberry powder or capsule

Non-dairy combining Rosell®-11 and a specific source of cranberry to support a claim (depending on local regulation)

Active women complete synbio powder

FOS and apple fiber combined to 7 strains dedicated to Women or a complete action

Active women natural defenses ultra orosoluble stick

4 microencapsulated strains in an orodispersible stick with vitamin D and plum flavor

Oral health

Active kid oral health tablet

ORALIS SB strains in a room stable grape flavored chewable tablet

Adult oral health orosoluble stick

4-strain multispecies ODS stick with calcium for claim in Canada and EU (depending on local regulation)