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Improves Quality of Life and Well-Being

The ability of specific probiotics to support gut barrier integrity can provide positive health benefits, like improving quality of life and well-being for certain individuals with IBS-like symptoms, as demonstrated in several randomized clinical trials.

Recent findings in this area [Lewis, 2020] revealed that the strain L. paracasei HA-196, could participate in maintaining a good quality of life in populations with occasional gut discomfort. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study (Canada) performed on 251 North American adults with different IBS subtypes, demonstrated the efficacy of L. paracasei HA-196 :

  • to support quality of life : emotional well-being and social functioning.
  • to reduce frequency of bowel movements in IBS-D participants (-21% of spontaneous bowel movement (SBM) after 8-week intake.
  • to increase bowel frequency in IBS-C participants (+33% of SBM) after 8-week intake.