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Oralis SB, one of the most documented probiotic for oral health

ORALIS SB is a unique combination of four probiotic strains and is supported by nine clinical studies on teeth health, gum health and mouth health, along with in vitro documentation on modes of action. This probiotic combination is one of the most documented formulas in the world for the maintenance of oral health and was studied in over 600 participants. Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD), the regulatory agency for natural health products in Canada, has approved a health claim for ORALIS SB: ORALIS SB helps promote dental health through the control of S. mutans growth and plaque formation.

A support for healthy teeth and gums

ORALIS SB is supported by a solid clinical background on the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. Two clinical studies demonstrated that ORALIS SB helped maintain dental health in healthy adults and children through the control of S. mutans growth. Six other clinical studies on gum health showed decreased plaque score and gingival index in participants. In some of these studies, ORALIS SB efficacy was compared to conventional mouthwashes; results demonstrated that the probiotic combination had similar or better results than conventional mouthwashes.