L. plantarum ROSELLA

Her ally for a healthy intimate flora

A convenient orally administered probiotic shown to support women’s intimate health

ROSELLA is a unique strain isolated from a healthy vaginal flora with full mechanistic and clinical evidence of efficacy on a wide spectrum of benefits, from helping to maintain proper vaginal balance, including from oral intake, to being used for recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (rVVC).

  • Studied on over 800 women: 6 clinical studies including 2 with oral treatment
  • Helps promote vaginal health alone [Vladareanu 2018] or as an adjunct to conventional treatment (anti-fungal) in VVC or BV [Nava 2002, Carriero 2007, De Seta 2014, Cianci 2016]
  • Demonstrated vaginal colonization and persistence following oral intake with a validated efficacy dose: 5B CFU/day [Montella 2013, 2014]
  • Normalizes pH and restores flora diversity associated with a healthy vaginal flora
  • Demonstrated adhesion to vaginal epithelial cells and interference with C. albicans (in vitro) [Culici 2004]


L. plantarum ROSELLA is L. plantarum P17630 (Proge P17630®), licensed from PROGE FARM®, Italy.