Pioneering psychobiotic. Game-changing science.

LHS pioneered the first-ever clinical study on the Brain-Gut Axis in healthy adults, showing for the first time in 2010 the positive effects of a probiotic formula on psychological occasional stress with CEREBIOME®. This specific probiotic formula is demonstrated to promote a positive mood in stressful events. It can help moderate physiological (Diop 2008) and psychological (Messaoudi 2010, 2011) responses to occasional stress.

CEREBIOME® modes of action have been documented by 9 mechanistic studies showing in particular that:

  • Benefits are partly mediated through the vagal nerve, but local benefits persist (Malik 2015)
  • Stress-induced damages are prevented in the brain (Ait-Belgnaoui 2014)
  • Both strains work synergistically (Ait-Belgnaoui 2017)