Keep calm and probiositive!

Pioneer in probiotics and in the Brain-Gut Axis

LHS pioneered the first-ever clinical study on the Brain-Gut Axis in healthy adults, showing for the first time in 2010 the positive effects of a probiotic formula on psychological occasional stress with Probio’Stick. This specific probiotic formula is demonstrated to promote positive mood in stressful events. It can help moderate physiological (Diop 2008) and psychological (Messaoudi 2010, 2011) responses to occasional stress.

Probio’Stick modes of action have been documented by 9 mechanistic studies showing in particular that:

  • Benefits are partly mediated through the vagal nerve, but local benefits persist (Malik 2015)
  • Stress-induced damages are prevented in the brain (Ait-Belgnaoui 2014)
  • Both strains work synergistically (Ait-Belgnaoui 2017)