Meet Lallemand Health Solutions at Natural Products Expo West, March 7-11, Anaheim, CA – Booth #4479

Montreal, Canada… Lallemand Health Solutions, the first probiotic producer whose production facilities in Canada bear the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Quality Systems GMP certificate (Dietary Supplements), will be pleased to welcome you at Natural Products Expo West, booth #4479. The company will showcase its range of complete probiotic solutions for Gastro-intestinal health, Immunity, Stress and mood balance (brain-gut axis), and Oral health. The company’s range of well-documented probiotic strains and formulations enable to target specific populations such as Sports nutrition or Kids and teens. 

Probiotics for Sport Nutrition

Sports nutrition is a booming market in constant search for innovation. Based on the most recent clinical research in this area, Lallemand Health Solutions has developed a portfolio of specific probiotic strains to support gut health, boost natural immune defenses and deal with the stress of everyday life. Recent trials in this area show that Lactobacillus helveticus Lafti® L10 supports immune defenses in elite athletes (Marinkovic  et al., 2016). This lead to a significant reduction in the number of symptoms in training athletes. Visitors to Natural Products Expo West can discover our new Sports range.

Hearty kids and teens.

Lallemand Health Solutions offers documented probiotic strains and formulations combined with specifically designed delivery forms and flavors to target the needs of children, teenagers, and health-conscious parents. Three key areas can be addressed with selected probiotics: natural defenses, stress, and oral health. The specific formulation ProbioKid® and its three key probiotic strains have been approved by the US and Canadian authorities for use in young children (US GRAS status for infants and children; Health Canada’s approval for children from 3 months old with immunity health claims).


Keep calm. Probio’sitive. 

The interaction of probiotics with the brain-gut axis has been increasingly documented over the past decade. As a pioneer in the probiotic industry, Lallemand Health Solutions has strongly committed to contributing to this new and exciting field of research. The company has documented the specific benefits of three of its flagship probiotic combinations or strains (Probio’Stick®, Lacidofil® and Bifidobacterium bifidum Rosell®-71) with a unique track-record of publications in this area with as many as 16 mechanistic and three clinical studies published. Discover our unique range of probiotics for the Brain-Gut Axis in Anaheim.