GUARD: A new protective oral delivery technology for probiotic applications

NEW! Lallemand GUARD technology

We are partnering with Aventus for the use of their flagship technology, NutraJIT®, with a global exclusivity for probiotic applications. NutraJIT® is a patented, all-natural innovative oral delivery platform, offering a unique combination of gastric protection and controlled release particularly suitable with active ingredients like probiotics. NutraJIT® is an oral delivery protective technology intended for use by dietary supplements company, efficient on both capsules and tablets. NutraJIT® is a versatile vehicle for active ingredients to make their way to their site of action, without being affected by the stomach fluids acidity and with reduced gastric side effects. Furthermore, NutraJIT® is a derivative of food-product protein and, as such, ticks all the boxes for consumers: all-natural, allergen-free, clean label and added protection. NutraJIT® brings its own additional benefits for consumers.

We will present this technology in more details at SupplySide West end of October. Come see us (Booth 4233) to hear out the details

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